All our Aberdeen Angus beef comes from cattle sired by a pedigree Aberdeen Angus bull, registered with the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society. They must be of British origin – meaning they are have been born and reared on a British farm.

Aberdeen Angus is a globally recognised cattle breed, native to the British Isles dating back to the 19th Century and holds a prestigious place within the beef market, meaning a higher premium can be demanded for the well-recognised product. Aberdeen Angus holds this reputation due to its well-marbled texture, which ensures succulent and juicy beef.

These cattle are popular among our farmers due to their comparatively short finishing time, which coupled with their ease of calving and natural mothering instinct results in a higher percentage of offspring reaching maturity. Aberdeen Angus are a sturdy breed known for their excellent growth efficiency, and ability to finish on grass and forage based feed alone. Not only does the breed produce excellent beef, they are also naturally suited to rearing on the British Isles and possess a calm and docile temperament that makes them easy to breed and handle.

All our Aberdeen Angus Beef are hand selected UK, AA Society Certified.

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